Operationsservice har som målsättning att varje år genomföra en ideell insats för barn. Exempelvis har Operationsservice på förfrågan av NORVAC, hjälporganisation genomfört ryggoperationer på ett Palestinskt Flyktingsjukhus i Libanon.


The Lebanon Project
A 14 year old Palestinian boy suffering juvenile scoliosis. The patient had been treated with a plaster cast for some months but still with progressing curve. He was now totally out of balance 6 cm and exhibited a marked limping . He was small as a ten-year-old with a body weight of only 26 kg. However his mother and most of his relatives was of the same constitution. His father was shot in the war and the mother was left with three sons. The help organisation, PRCS the Palestinian Red Crescent Society had tried to arrange treatment for him in Lebanon or USA, but the operation was expected to cost 50 000 US$, an amount to high to consider. As a pilot project a Scandinavian surgical team, Operationsservice Int. consisting of a Spine surgeon, Anaesthesiologist, and nurses performed the operation in his environments, the local PRCS hospital in Saida totally for free on a humanitory basis. The members of the team brought the very specialised instrumentation needed in the flight, a whole container of 70 kg. Instrumental companies and hospitals in Scandinavia gave implants, materials and medicine. The Norwegian help organisation NORWAC, the Norwegian Aid Committee, was organising the travel and contacts in Lebanon. A continuation of this specialised help program is now asked for from the PRCS and will hopefully be granted by private sponsors in the Scandinavian countries.

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